Happiness is Touch and Go

One of the vibrant streams coursing through the documentary PAUL GOODMAN CHANGED MY LIFE is Goodman's poetry. Goodman used verse all through his writing life. In his youth he concentrated on poems, stories, and novels, but in his later years when he left prose fiction behind, the poetry kept coming. He churned out little stanzas like some people would write diary entries. His informal, ingenuous, on-the-fly style had a notable influence on other New York artists of the time, such as Frank O'Hara, to name one.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell... How About Don't Discriminate?

A large part of Paul Goodman’s legacy lies in his adherence to gay rights and promotion of sexual equality before the Gay Liberation movement formally began. He once stated, "I have been fired three times because of my queer behavior or my claim to the right of it, and these are the only times I have been fired." (Read more quotes here.)

Unfortunately, Goodman lived in a time before stringent laws against workplace discrimination were codified. But even today, the U.S.