Screening at Maine International Film Festival this weekend

Come and watch PAUL GOODMAN CHANGED MY LIFE at Waterville's Railroad Square Cinema during the Maine International Film Festival this weekend. Screenings are at 9:15pm tonight, Friday, July 15th, and 3:15pm Saturday, July 16th. Several of the film's stars will be watching themselves on the big screen for the first time on Saturday!

World Premiere at OutFest tonight!

“So many people have told me Paul Goodman changed their life. Someone should make a film about that.”

Taylor Stoehr, Paul Goodman’s good friend and literary executor, said that to me during a stroll in Somerville, MA in 1988. Twenty-three years ago.

Today, it is my great pleasure to tell you that Paul Goodman changed my life. He changed many lives. And I made a film about it. Tonight, my film makes its World Premiere at OutFest 2011 at 5pm, Laemmle Sunset 5, 8000 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA.

Paul Goodman Bike Contest winners announced!

For Immediate Release: Falmouth, Maine – December 14, 2010 ­­­­

JSL FILMS Announces Winners for Bicycle Contest To Encourage Transportation Alternatives

JSL Films, producer of the documentary Paul Goodman Changed My Life, has chosen the two winners of its web-based contest to help encourage local transportation alternatives.


The premise of Kerry Howley’s recent Bookforum review (“Arrested Development,” Dec/Jan 2011) is that Paul Goodman was a fake intellectual: “He was a guy who wore a lot of tweed, smoked a corncob pipe, and played the part of a serious man.  His rumpled outline and earnest demeanor met with some notion of how a public intellectual ought to look,” but really, Howley writes, Goodman’s public persona was all artifice.  “He was never the genius some took him to be,” and for this reason his influence has been justly forgotten.

It may be that Howley based this conclusion on some cursory reading of

the city and the social network

Well, I admit, I'm not on Facebook, so what do I know about anything anyway? Nor have I even seen The Social Network yet, I feel compelled to disclose (but I will, since I loved Jesse Eisenberg in The Squid and the Whale). But just the plot summary—about all the backstabbing, jealousy, and antisocial vindictiveness that surrounded the creation of Facebook—confirms my intuitive sense that this is an interface with which I prefer not to interface. I know it has many adherents who swear by it but to me there's just something kinda creepy about it.

I Am Become Death (part 2)

If the damage that nuclear stockpiles, never fired, have done to domestic rule of law in the United States of America concerns you, rest assured that at the international level it's only more manifold. After all, many people around the world have noticed that the American president, and certain other Leaders of Nations, reserve for themselves the right to murder other people by the hundreds of millions and maybe put an end to complex life on planet Earth.

Win a bike with "Paul Goodman Changed My Life"

JSL Films, in partnership with the World Carfree Network, the Alliance for Biking and Walking, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, and Dissent Magazine, presents the Paul Goodman Changed My Life bicycle contest.

Enter the Paul Goodman bike contest

To honor Goodman’s legacy of taking a critical eye to our urban structure, we’re asking you to write your local government – your mayor, or city council – with five ideas that could be implemented in your area to promote forms of transportation that reduce globa

Facebook... A Continuing Disaster?

Guest Post by Michael Fisher

In 1963, Paul Goodman wrote a short column for The New Republic called “Television: The Continuing Disaster.”  While praising the new medium for its potential, Goodman spoke plainly about TV’s shortcomings in postwar America.  “By a miserable fatality,” he wrote, “TV has had the misfortune to develop among a confused and passive populace, starved for stimulation but out of touch with its needs and tastes.”

Corporate control of TV’s content was part of the problem.  Yet the root issue was the “peculiar kind of existence” it fostered.

getting better

It's very sad that in the past few weeks, Tyler Clementi, Billy Lucas, and several other gay teenagers have ended their lives so prematurely. However, the serious attention and media discussion their suicides have prompted are something of a silver lining. The writer and advice-to-the-sexlorn columnist Dan Savage has started the heartwarming "It Gets Better" video project.

Improve your home—and win a bike!

The bicycle: what an exquisite piece of technology! Such a joyful means of locomotion. So aesthetically pleasing in its sleek narrowness. The essence of sustainability: it burns no carbon, but does burn calories, as it gets you from place to place. Human powered, human scale. A work of mechanical genius to invent, but requiring only modest knowhow to repair. The bike illustrates the principles of humanistic, non-ecocidal technology.

Unfortunately, in most American cities the bicycle fits awkwardly into a transportation system designed around the automobile.