Guest Posts

Guest Post by Justin Hyatt: Who said cars can't be curbed?

Cars have to stop being everywhere they feel like being. We need to reduce their level of ubiquity by a notch or two. While the time might not yet be ripe for their full-scale removal from towns and cities (the European Commission is sounding out such a long-term goal with an eye to 2050) but we need to do something about their universal access. Now.

At some point in the human history it was deemed the right move to place cars on a high pedestal, one where we bestow on them the space they demanded of us and then some.

Guest Post by Horatio Morpurgo: The passion of Paul

The sociologist and activist Paul Goodman was one of America’s most influential public intellectuals during the tumultuous decade of the 1960s. His writings on education, especially Growing Up Absurd, released at the beginning of the decade, placed the middle-aged author at the centre of the US’s dissenting youth culture. Today, says Horatio Morpurgo, his reputation is enjoying an unexpected – and welcome – revival.

There is a hair-raising scene near the end of The Grand Piano, when a child in New York City sets out to cycle down Broadway past Harlem.